Bilingual and experienced

Quiroga Bartlett is a multicultural firm whose lawyers come from different backgrounds and where the diversity of interests and social commitment are privileged and encouraged. We have the best Of Counsels, as well as strategic alliances with the most outstanding professionals, which allows us to offer comprehensive services.


We have presence in the main cities of the country, either directly or through our network of correspondents, who have been successfully tested and share our philosophy of work and service, as well as in some US states (California, Texas, Illinois, NY, Minneapolis and Florida) and European countries.

Catalina Acuña

Catalina Acuña Martínez

Marcela Almazán

Marcela Almazán Gutiérrez

Thomas Bartlett

Andrés Canales

Andrés Canales Rosso

Kattia Espinosa

Kattia Espinosa Pérez

Jesús Guerrero

Jesús Guerrero Cárdenas

Luis Gutiérrez

Luis Gutiérrez Mendoza

Jorge Iglesias

Jorge Iglesias González

Jesús Llaguno

Jesús Llaguno López

Ivanna Mijares

Ivanna Mijares Ramos

Fernando Quiroga

Fernando Quiroga Leal

Jaime Ramos

Jaime Ramos Morales

César Ramos

César Ramos Ortiz

Salvador Sáenz

Salvador Sáenz Flores

Aldo Treviño

Aldo Treviño Garza